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345 priority infrastructure projects will be implemented in Almaty in 2024

345 priority infrastructure projects will be implemented in Almaty in 2024

Almaty has a pool of investment projects slated for implementation this year. The total number is 345, according to the Almaty Development Center.

In the housing and utilities sector, the plan includes the reconstruction of 370 km of water supply networks, 509 km of sewage networks, 74.4 km of heating networks, 89 km of power supply networks, 44 km of suburban collectors, and 23 boiler houses.

Regarding road and transport infrastructure, 7 streets will be expanded: Mukhanov, Tlendiev, Raiymbek, Abaya 1st section, Khmelnitsky, North Ring Road, and Ongarson. Additionally, the construction of 2 parking lots and 82.4 km of new roads in 4 microdistricts: Rahat-Madeniyet, Boralday, Terecty, and Zhas-Kanat, is planned.

In the healthcare sector, 2 multipurpose hospitals, 8 clinics, 4 primary healthcare centers, 2 maternity hospitals, and the reconstruction of 6 facilities are planned. For educational infrastructure, the construction of 5 new schools and 7 kindergartens, seismic reinforcement of 14 schools and 15 kindergartens are scheduled.

Furthermore, for the improvement of public spaces, modernization of 8 riverbeds, 8 park areas, and 24 fountain complexes will be carried out.

As part of the second stage of Industrial Zone development, engineering infrastructure will be built to expand it by 194 hectares.

Source: Akimat of the city of Almaty

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