Communication and communication

The main components of the communications and communications market are:

  •      Mobile communications - 40.6%;
  •      Internet services - 28.1%;
  •      Telephone connection - 4.5%;
  •      Other services (including postal services) - 19.8%.
The main service providers in the mobile market in Almaty are Altel 4G (59% 1), Kcell (21% 2), Beeline (13%) and Tele2 (5%).

There are about 20 Internet providers on the market of Internet services. At the same time (national) company "Kazakhtelecom" is the market leader and occupies more than 70% of the market.

- development of the information society

- interest of the inhabitants of the region in the use of information technology

Roads and transport

Investment appeal of public transport projects

One of the measures to increase the attractiveness of the industry for private investors is to ensure the profitability of projects.

Current tariffs in public transport are at a relatively low level compared to the level of compared cities and do not imply mechanisms for encouraging reusable tickets.

Bicycle transport
The development of bicycle transport in large cities is a popular measure to reduce traffic congestion and develop sustainable modes of transport. In the process of developing bicycle transport, an important factor is the availability of bicycle infrastructure (bicycle paths, bicycle parking and bicycle rental system).

The total length of bike paths in 2016 is more than 42.45 km.

The city has bicycle rental offices that are not integrated into an integrated city bike rental system.

- relatively developed transport infrastructure.

- construction of bus stations and bus stations at the main radial entrances to the city;
- installation of route maps / schemes, electronic information boards with the schedule of public transport in real time, surveillance cameras.

Power industry

The electricity market in the city of Almaty is formed from the supply of electric energy from the energy sources of JSC AlES and through the purchase of electricity from the Moinak hydropower plant, Zhambyl power plant and Pavlodar-Ekibastuz power plant (about 45%).

Heat supply

The heat supply system of Almaty is one of the most complex systems of engineering infrastructure of the city. The main source of heat production in the city is coal. Thus, the share of coal in CHP-1 reaches 6.8%, CHP-2 and CHP-3 - 99.5%. In general, according to data for 2016, heat production on solid and liquid fuels is 70%.

Today, the total length of heating networks in the city of Almaty is 1,174 km.

Water supply and sanitation

The city of Almaty is supplied with water from 4 main sources: the Bolshaya and Malaya Almatinka rivers (after cleaning at filtering stations) and from underground water intakes of the Almaty and Talgar fields.

Gas supply

There are 4 gas distribution enterprises in the city, the largest of which is the APF of KazTransGas-Aimak JSC.

Gas consumption by the city’s population was 470 million cubic meters. meters or 39% of the total gas consumption in the city, 733 million cubic meters were used for production needs. m (61%).

In addition to natural gas, city consumers use liquefied gas.

- sustainable fuel and energy sector;
- developed engineering and communication infrastructure.

- quality, safety and uninterrupted life support services provided while reducing irrational costs;
- achieving a balance of prices and quality of public services.

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