Socio-entrepreneurial Corporation

Socio-entrepreneurial corporations (SEC) - is a stable business structure, carrying out its activities in order to profit from the production and sale of goods and services. The main difference from the SEC-profit corporations is that the resulting profits are reinvested for the realization of social, economic and cultural objectives of the population of the region, in whose interests the SEC created, (the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan letters, March 2006).

JSC "National Company" Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporation "Almaty" (hereinafter - the SEC "Almaty") established in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 31 March 2010, registered by the Department of Justice of Almaty on August 27 of the same year. 100% shareholder of SEC "Almaty" is the KSU "Almaty city Department of Finance."

SEC "Almaty" mission – promoting social and economic development of Almaty city through public-private partnerships.

Objectives SEC "Almaty":

  • Institutional Development Corporation;
  • Effective management of assets;
  • Promoting the growth of competitive industries;
  • The development of business in the city;
  • The development of public-private partnerships;
  • Increase of investment attractiveness of the city;
  • Development and implementation of social, infrastructural and environmental projects;
  • Institutional development of special industrial zones, technology parks, business incubators.

For realization of the SEC "Almaty" tasks transferred state assets (JSC, LLP, with government ownership, real estate, land, and money). Based on the "SEC" Almaty assets "implements projects in partnership with private business.

Within the set of SEC "Almaty" tasks also interacts with local executive bodies, development institutions, ministries and agencies, private equity, financial institutions, international organizations and others.

SEC "Almaty" functions:

  • Organizational Role – management of the transferred assets, advisory support for projects and investors;
  • Investment function – investing activities at their own expense, the work on attraction of investments;
  • The implementation of certain government programs – assist in the implementation of regional projects in the framework of the "State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development of Kazakhstan for 2010 - 2014 years", the program "Business Road Map - 2020" and other programs.

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Address: Almaty city, Abylaikhan avenue 74A, pavilion 4
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