About us

About us

Mr. Tuyakbaev Saparbek Kurakbaevich

Deputy of Almaty city

Coordinates issues in the field of entrepreneurship and investment, trade, small and medium-sized businesses, agriculture, industry, implementation of the State program for industrial and innovative development for 2015-2019 in Almaty, the State program for business support and development "business Road map 2020", tourism activities.

Provides coordinated functioning and interaction with territorial divisions of the Central state bodies and other organizations in the field of industry, trade, small and medium-sized businesses, agriculture and tourism.

Directs the activities:

  1. Department of entrepreneurship and investments of Almaty city;
  2. Department of social welfare of the city of Almaty.
Supervises the activities:
  1. Joint stock company "SEC" Almaty»;
  2. State municipal enterprise on the right of economic management " City veterinary service»;
  3. Municipal state institution " employment Center of Almaty»;
  4. Municipal state institution "Almaty city center of social adaptation".
Organize work:
  1. Commission on management of stabilization Fund of food products of Almaty city;
  2. Commission on investment subsidies of Almaty city;
  3. Commission on subsidies in the framework of guaranteeing and insuring loans of Almaty city;
  4. Commission on subsidizing interest rates on loans and leasing of technological equipment for the purchase of farm animals, as well as leasing of agricultural machinery in Almaty;
  5. Commission on financial recovery of subjects of agroindustrial complex;
  6. City headquarters for inspection by experts of the international epizootic Bureau;
  7. Commission to determine the value to be reimbursed, if the withdrawal and destruction of diseased animals, products and raw materials of animal origin representing health hazard of animals and humans, or the decontamination and processing without withdrawal of animals, products and raw materials of animal origin representing health hazard of animals and humans;
  8. Business Council under the akimat of Almaty;
  9. Expert Council on entrepreneurship under the akimat of Almaty;
  10. Coordination Council for the implementation of the Unified business support and development program "business Road map 2020" under the akimat of Almaty;
  11. Commission for control of local content of Almaty city;
  12. Competition Commission for the selection of applications of entrepreneurs applying for grants within the framework of the Unified program of business support and development "business Road map 2020";.
  13. Council on attracting investors and improving the investment climate of Almaty;
  14. Staff on preparation of municipal economy for work in the heating period;
  15. Working group to develop proposals for the definition of state functions for transfer to the competitive environment and self-regulatory organizations in Almaty;
  16. Commission on the settlement of citizens in the municipal state institution " Directorate of Social housing for single pensioners, disabled people, single couples and couples of retirement age»;
  17. Coordination Council in the field of social protection of disabled people under the akimat of Almaty;
  18. The special Commission for consideration of applications of the person (family) applying for social assistance in connection with the onset of a difficult life situation;
  19. Regional Commission of the city of Almaty on employment.

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