About us

About us

Sembekov Marat Amirovich

Deputy of Almaty city

Coordinates issues of the energy complex, municipal services, landscaping, environmental management, ecology, industry, entrepreneurship, trade, small business, agriculture, sanitary and epidemiological prosperity of the city, implementation of the State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development for 2015-2019 in the city of Almaty.

Ensures the coordinated functioning and interaction with the territorial subdivisions of central state bodies and other organizations in the field of energy complex, municipal services, improvement, gardening, nature management and ecology, industry, trade, small medium business, sanitary and epidemiological prosperity of the city.

Supervises activities:

1. Department of Energy and Communal Services of Almaty.

2. Management of entrepreneurship and industrial-innovative development of the city of Almaty.

3. The Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of Almaty.

Supervises activities:

1. State utility company on the right of economic management "Holding Almaty Su".

2. The state communal enterprise on the right of economic management "Holding Almaty zhylu".

3. Limited Liability Partnership Almaty Heat and Power Industry.

4. Limited Liability Partnerships Almaty Heat Networks.

5. Joint-Stock Company "NC SEC" Almaty ".

6. Joint Stock Company "Trade".

7. State utility company on the right of economic management "Veterinary Center of Almaty city".

8. Limited Liability Partnership SpetsTechParkingservice.

9. The state communal state enterprise "Almaty Zoological Park".

Organizes the work:

1. Commission for the Management of the Stabilization Fund for Food Products in Almaty.

2. Expert Council on Entrepreneurship.

3. Coordination Council for the implementation of industrialization policies within the framework of state and regional programs.

4. Headquarters for the preparation of municipal services for work during the heating season 2014-2015.

5. Coordination Council for the determination of the list of flour milling and baking enterprises for the production of molded bread, first grade flour in the city of Almaty.

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